The Walks

A number of guided walks focused around Elsdon have been programmed for 2010.  Thses include:

19th April - Lambing Walk - Guided walk in the company of Jon Monks of Shepherds Walks.  Refreshments available.  Booking essential.  Contact Jon on 01830 540453 or email

9th May - Drover's Walk - Guuided walk in the company of expert local guide Russell Tait along the ancient droving route towards Elsdon.  £10 per person.  Includes refreshments.  Booking essential.

30th May - Circular Walk - Tour, with lunch in Elsdon, in the company of expert local guide Russell Tait.  £10 per person.  Booking essential.

To book, or learn more details, on any of the Guided Walks contact Alan or Rita on 01830 520415/520061 or email

Walking groups are welcome at The Coach House.

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